FKS offers sources of flavor and fragrance ingredients, innovative flavor creation software, eFlavor training software, hands-on flavorist training, learning center and flavor formulas to the Flavor Industry.
I save a lot of time by ordering ingredients online with eSamples. No waiting on the telephone and I can order 24/7. I even get an email with a summary of the order.
Supplier sources of Flavor, Fragrance and Spice ingredients can be ordered online 24/7.
FKS offers unique flavor creation software that helps flavorists create, modify and match flavors, plus many other innovative features.
We are the worldwide leader in public flavorist training. Since 1999, we have offered hands flavor creation courses in compound flavors, and reaction meat flavors. We have attendees from over 19 countries.
FKS now offers eFlavorist training for compound flavors. Learn at your own pace, in your lab. eFlavor courses are available for individual flavors.
Visit our Flavorist learning center where practical information is available to help you become more efficient in flavor creation.
FKS offers a large number of Flavor formulas for purchase. This can be a cost effective way to increase your flavor library, and supplementing flavorist personnel. A cost effective way to expand your business.